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Sports Mission Trips

May 2017

    “It’s a God thing” has been a phrase I have heard countless times. I have come to utilize it myself as a born again Christian now that I know what it truly means. Never has it been more true in so many ways than on our sports ministry trip to Kenya this past May. Every emotion, every encounter, every experience was an overwhelming fulfillment of, “it’s a God thing”. When I returned to the states and wanted to shout to the sky how amazing it was but could not find the words to give it justice, I returned to, “it’s a God thing”. 

    Arriving in Kenya felt like a homecoming to a place I had never been before. I stepped off the airplane and could not stop absorbing every sound, smell and sight around me. I was overwhelmed with the people who welcomed us to their home and into their lives. This was not a vacation. This was not a trip to be reminded how beautiful of a life I have. It was not even an eye opening to the culture half way across the world. It was home. It was family. And every day, I miss my family halfway across the world. 

    The work that is being done at St Jacobs is remarkable. The spirit the school pours into those children is emotionally moving. I have never been to a place with more life, love and overwhelming sensation of Jesus. I was honored that Jesus paved my path to join Simba Ministry and their work to pour into this country and school. It was not just a trip you remember forever, it is an investment of the heart. It is a place I think about and pray about every day, in hopes my path brings me back and allows me to invest more with my family on the other side of the earth. -Chelsea DeVille

May 11 - 23, 2016

Each Was Given a Gift- let us use it to Glorify God

        Our fourth mission team consisted of a variety of people, but was mostly comprised with athletes from various colleges and sports. The schools represented where Yale, Colgate, USD, USF, Nebraska, Mankato, Augustana, and SDSU. The main focus of this mission trip was to show the children at the school that Jesus is the one who gives us gifts and we should use those gifts to bring Him glory. The group did a variety of service projects which included building a basketball court and putting up six hoops, moving rock to keep the kids out of the mud, setting up a volleyball court, soccer goals, and high jump stands, and painted the brick rail of the track black and white. They also led the children in the classrooms as well as lead them through stations of different sports. The group got to spend time building relationships with the kids and a lot of them even felt called to enter some of the children into the sponsorship program. The group got to do home visits to places where some of the group members had already been sponsoring children. During this time the sponsor got to wash the feet of the family of the child they sponsor. Showing the love of Jesus like He shows us in John 13. The group of athletes and coaches did a lot in a short period of time but the greatest thing was showing the love of Jesus and presenting the Gospel to the children of the school. In this group the ministry also had their first family. Husband and wife and two of their children came to help in all the activities and the children for Kenya loved interacting with the children from the USA. This group was a blessing to the school and the Lord changed a lot of lives for His kingdom.