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"My name is ROBINSON. I am 9 years old and from Eldoret, Kenya. I like going to school because I like reading. When I grow up, I would like to be a pilot." 

Class: 4

Age: 9  (December 28, 2008)


     Color: Pink

     Food: Fish

     Hobby: Praying

Hero:  Moses (Old Testament)

Cost: $436 /yr ($36.33 /mo) 

for tuition, boarding, and food

Situation:  Robinson’s mother, Caren Sang, separated from her husband 3 years ago due to domestic violence and his drunkenness. She lives in a one-room studio apartment, which costs her 10 dollars a month. She has 4 kids, Colgine (Form 1), Dabiline (class 6), Robinson (class 4), and Lincy (class 2). Caren was making French fries by the roadside to earn money, but has spent all that money on school shopping for her children. She is currently not working, other than some odd jobs here and there when they arise. Caren dropped out of class 8. Robinson would be very grateful for a sponsor and an opportunity to go to school.