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"My name is IAN. I am 12 years old and from Eldoret, Kenya. I like going to school because I like reading and playing. When I grow up, I would like to be a farmer." 

Class: 4

Age: 12   (June 18, 2004)


     Color: Black

     Food: Rice

     Hobby: Reading

Hero:  His teachers

Cost: $436 /yr ($36.33 /mo) for tuition, boarding, and food

Situation:  Ian is one of five children. The first born is in Class 7, the second born is in Class 6, the third born is in class 5, the fourth born is Ian, and the last born is going to Class 3. They inherited two acres of land. Ian's father keeps selling and using the money for other things. He does casual labor. Ian's mother takes care of the kids and does casual labor as well. Both parents dropped out of school in Class 8.