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"My name is Ethan. I am 10 years old and from Eldoret, Kenya. I like going to school because I like learning. When I grow up, I would like to be a pilot." 

Meet Ethan

Situation: Ethan has a beautiful family. His mom and dad are married, together and happy. In fact, Ethan and his sister, Shantel already were attending St. Jacobs. Their parents were paying for their sponsorship. One day Ethan’s father, John showed up and informed the director of St. Jacobs that he had lost his job and he would no longer be able to afford to send his children to this school. He was heartbroken and tears filled his eyes. He explained it had nothing to do with the school. Ethan and Shantel love the school, he just could not do it financially. So rather than losing two of our outstanding students we offered Ethan a sponsorship so that he can continue his education. Ethan, his father and mother, just smiled.
With the help of Ethan’s sponsorship the dad felt confident that he could find support so he could send

Class: 6

Age: 10


Color: Blue

Food: Rice

Hobby: Football (soccer)

Hero: President

Tuition: $435/yr