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Situation: Andrew lives with his mom in a slum area in a one room home. The area is surrounded by other families that are in need and living in poverty. Andrew cares for his four smaller siblings and his mom, Rebecca, struggles to pay bills with her small job. Rebecca works at a small food kiosk washing dishes and sometimes cooking. She leaves early in the morning to walk to her job and does not return until dark most evenings, leaving Andrew alone with the four kids. Andrew is clearly the caretaker of these children as he fetches the water, tries to figure out what to feed these kids, all while trying to still be a 14 year old boy. Andrew’s mother was recently asked to leave her mothers home, so she moved to their current home. She barely makes enough money to cover her $7/month rent and food for the kids.

Class: 5

Age: 14


Color: Red

Food: Meat

Hobby: Reading

Hero: Mother

Tuition: $435/yr

Meet Andrew

"My name is Andrew. I am 14 years old and from Eldoret, Kenya. I like going to school because it makes me brave. When I grow up, I would like to be a teacher."