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Situation: Dominic's story is an example of how important family is. He is currently living with his amazing grandparents since his dad became paralyzed. Dominic’s dad was a strong masonry worker with an incredible work ethic who was paralyzed from infection casued by stepping on a rusty nail. As life became hard for the family, Dominic’s mom became overwhelmed and abandoned him, his brother, Abiud, and his dad. However she took his sister, Janet, with her.

Meet Dominic

Class: 3

Age: 13


Color: Blue

Food: Rice

Hobby: Football (soccer)

Hero: Father

Tuition: $435/yr

"My name is Dominic. I am 13 years old and from Eldoret, Kenya. I like going to school because I like reading. When I grow up, I would like to be a policeman."