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Medical Mission Trips

January 12 - 27, 2017

        Selflessness. Our trips consist of many people from all walks of life who give of themselves to the betterment of others and for the glory of Jesus Christ. This specific team consisted of many skilled nurses, a chiropractor, a contractor, a science teacher, a prospective nursing student, a farmer, and a world traveler. Whenever people lay down there own comforts and pride, we see many Kenyans benefit from the love of Jesus that we show through medical care. In the process of running five clinics, we treated and prayed over 1000 people. Two clinics we partnered with a local private hospital. Two of the clinics we partnered with country health nurses. One clinic was done at a local orphanage doing check ups on the children residing there. We always pack everything in vans and go out to different villages and set up clinic in a school, church, or empty building. Our days were long, but our team approached each morning with determination and love. The doctors in Kenya that worked for government hospitals, at that time, had been on strike for 60 days and many local people walked between 1-10 miles to come to our clinics because of their need for medical intervention. One of my favorite encounters that personally touched me was a married couple who were 104 years old who walked a few miles to get there. They were beyond thrilled to have a medical assessment done because they had never been seen by a medical professional or even had their blood pressure taken.

Our goal with these clinics is that all the people we interact with experience the love of Jesus in some way. All our efforts are in vain if people do not feel loved. This year we made it a priority to pray over all who wanted prayer. We had three people on our prayer team who prayed, tirelessly, all day during our clinics. It was amazing to see the Lord heal people through the prayers of his people. We continue to pray for people as they benefit from our medical care. We are so grateful as a ministry to be able to provide such care to the local people. It touches our hearts to be able to interact with them and hear their stories. At the end of one of our longest clinic days, we got to have a dance party with all the kids in the village who had been hanging around the clinic all day. The driver of our van turned on some music and we danced praising God for all He had done. He will always receive the glory for our endeavors. It is Him who gives wisdom, knowledge, and power to touch the lives of people around the world. To Him be the glory forever and ever.

Winnie Opp, BSN, RN

January 15 - 29, 2016

        Our third mission team was our first official medical team. Our team of doctors and nurses made it their mission to do 4 clinics and serve the people that attended those clinics. The team partnered with St. Mary’s hospital in Nakuru. This hospital also allowed the Kenyan nurses and doctors to help with translation and distributing of medication. The first day was mainly focusing on seeing the tribal members of the Maasi Tribe. The clinic served over 200 people. The second clinic was at a Compassion School, but for the villagers in the area. Then the team made their trek to the partner school near Eldoret. The medication was obtained from the St. Mary’s hospital. When the team arrived they were notified that there had been a scabies out break at the school. The children were treated that had scabies and every child received a full check up. The second day was at the school again but was open to the surrounding villagers. In total between the 4 clinics, over 800 people had been seen and prayed over and shown the love of Jesus Christ. Some of the doctors and nurses on the team sponosor children in Kenya and they met the children and washed the feet of the family as a way of showing Christ had come to serve as did this team. Billy Brockmueller (view his blog here) was on this mission team. He was the first Simba Missionary to stay at the the school for 3 months after the team had gone home. He taught computer as he set up the new computer lab that Simba built and supplied computers. He also built a 200 meter track, known as the prayer track. The children of the school can write their prayers and sign their names on the brick rail.