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K I N G D O M  B U I L D I N G
Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter— 
when you see the naked, to clothe them, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?
Isaiah 58:7

Kingdom building helps provide structures to facility growth and development to see communities flourish with furthering the Lord’s Kingdom in mind. This includes facilities at our partner Christian school to help provide a conducive learning environment for our students. Other buildings that we build are small businesses for families and the community in our stewardship. This point also extents its hand to help build homes for families who are government squatters and have no home or those families that live in extreme poverty. We feel that providing these structures, that it allows us to show the love of Jesus Christ by providing a Christ-centered shelter for a home, business, or area to learn. When we build these structures, our prayer is to see lives transformed to all who walk into them, and we also get the chance to show His love during the building process and while people use these facilities.

ECD (Early Childhood Development) Classrooms
Cost: $32,995 (1,400 sq ft @ $23.57/sq ft) 
Our first project is the Early Childhood Development classrooms. This building would contain three classrooms, office space, and a storeroom. With the addition of this building, it would allow for 90 more children to come to our partnership school and build a solid educational foundation for the young children. These classes are crucial for the success of students futures. A quality place for these children to learn will help in their studies. While we are waiting for the population to grow, these classrooms can be used as a temporary dorm or classrooms for other levels of students, but they will not sit empty. 
House of Zion
Cost: $110,000 (5,182 sq ft @ $21.00/sq ft)
 This is one of our biggest immediate projects, featured on our Widows and Orphans page.  This project is a two story home containing 11 bedrooms, a lounge area, kitchen, dining room, and balcony.  This home will look to shelter orphaned children living on the streets in Kenya.  It is our heart that this project would not only serve as a shelter but would become home to many children who do not have one.  Between these walls children will be loved, accepted, and given opportunity to discover their true identity in Christ and potential in Him.  
Two-Story Classrooms
Cost: $196,300 (6,900 sq ft @ $28.00/sq ft) 
This project is a two story building containing eight classrooms. The students are currently in iron sheet rooms and classrooms made from wood planks. The new classrooms are needed to help with the growth of the school and to help with the sponsorship. These classrooms will allow the ministry to keep finding children to enter in the sponsorship program. This building will double the school population from 300 students to 600 students. While the ministry waits for student population to fill the classrooms, the building can be used as a dorm or place for mission teams to stay and this can help save on costs for mission teams. 
Teacher's Quarters
Cost: $3,500 / person
Before we came in, the school had a small one building, two separate roomed living space for all the male and female teachers. At one time we had three female teachers living in one of these small rooms. We have around twelve teachers total and our goal is to provide housing for all of them at the school. A number of these teacher's quarters are currently funded and built, but we still need one more to provide a safe place for our teachers to live. In total, this would be a 1,400 sq. ft. building, housing up to ten teachers, at $24 / sq. ft.