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Educational Mission Trips

May 28 - June 15, 2015

Teach a man to fish and he eats for a life time:

    The second mission trip that Simba Educational Ministries took was one of a group of teachers and servants. The main goal of this trip was to bring over school supplies, teach the children, and work with the Kenyan teachers empowering and equipping them with the confidence to teach students with the love of Jesus. The structure of the trip was to all the Kenyan teachers teach and have the USA teachers do some observation. The group did this for three days, then the roles were reversed. The USA teachers prepared lessons and the Kenyan teachers did the observation. This proved to be a huge success for all involved. At the end of the sessions, a group meeting was held and words of encouragement and ways of improvement was exchanged. This propelled the school to have the best year accademically in the school history. The class eight had the best results and produced the highest school the school has ever seen. During this time the other members of the group who were not teachers used there gift of being servants. They set the poles for the up and coming basketball court, they helped take down the wooden benches where the new dining hall would be built, and they also helped in the game time with sports with the children. A two day introduction basketball camp was held. This trip was a huge success proving that building intimate, personal relationships with the teachers helped them with producing amazing results. It also showed the ministry that there is a need and benefit to bringing school supply and new ideas to teaching. This trip laid a solid foundation in future mission trips, teaching others, and building relationships and maintaining.