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Simba Educational Ministries is a registered 50l(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible in full or in part. 2016 Simba Educational Ministries. All rights reserved.

(House of Zion)

Widow and Orphans:

Sharing the intimacy of Jesus Christ by focusing on the widows and orphans. Most of our children in our sponsorship program come from widowed homes or are complete orphans. Some of our children come from the streets and are supported through the efforts of the House of Zion. Read more...


Sponsorship: Sharing the intimacy of Jesus Christ through a very intimate sponsorship program. Simba allows the sponsor to write and receive letters, report cards, pictures, and gifts. But the greatest gift we can offer is meeting the child face to face and washing their feet. 


Stewardship: Sharing the intimacy of Jesus Christ through businesses in Kenya. While we see this is a way out of poverty, these start-up businesses are centered on sharing the intimate love of Jesus Christ with customers, employees and owners. Simba partners with the dreams and visions of Kenyan entrepreneurs. 


Health and Wellness:

Sharing the intimacy of Jesus Christ through health care in Kenya. Simba partners with Kenyan nurses and doctors to provide out reach clinics to different villages through out Kenya. Each clinic shares the love of Jesus Christ by caring for locals physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Each person is prayed for and is shared the Gospel. 


Kingdom Buildings:

Sharing the intimacy of Jesus Christ through physical building to help with education, business, or living. Simba also understands that as much as physical buildings are important, Spiritual Kingdom Building is even more so. Spiritual Kingdom Building happens through our discipleship programs in our current partner school and in the community.